Banon, Simiane la Rotonde, Oppedette and its gorges

On the border of Vaucluse and the Alpes de Haute Provence, just after Colorado Provençal and very quickly accessible from the Luberon Lub'heureux holiday rentals, you will enthusiastically visit villages like Banon, Simiane la Rotonde or Oppedette.

There are two specialties in Banon: goat cheese with Protected Designation of Origin of the same name, covered with chestnut leaves, and one of the most beautiful independent bookstores in France, on 4 floors, to be visited by anyone passionate about books. !

Oppedette is an absolutely charming old village overlooking deep natural gorges that can be admired from below on a slightly acrobatic hike that will appeal to the more athletic among you, or from above thanks to a few belvederes well placed, in the heart of the village or in the starting car park for hikes. Some family picnic spots a little further, quiet by the river, which I will gladly tell you ;-)

If you feel like it when you return to the Luberon Lub'heureux villa, I advise you to take the more mountainous road that crisscrosses by Viens. Breathtaking panoramas onto the Alpes de Haute Provence and the Luberon. As for the direct route, it passes through Rustrel, in front of the Colorado Provençal, and lets you take advantage all along from the starting point of the terroir of lavender, thyme, savory and rosemary, fields of lavender, cypères and vineyards in the middle of the sunny hills. So many wonders!

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