Font Jouvale and the lavender road

From the Luberon Lub'heureux holiday rentals on foot, you can start beautiful walks or hikes or bike rides.

The hamlet of Bassacs, a 5-minute walk from the Luberon Lub'heureux villa, brings together some charming colorful houses. Several professional and amateur painters like to settle there to sketch the landscape from the promontory which overlooks the hamlet of La Tuillière. Dazzling panoramic view over the village of Roussillon facing its large cliffs, and over the regional natural park up to the village of Gordes hanging in the distance on the hill. A small walk easy to access allows you to cross the hamlet of Bassacs, to walk among the vineyards, olive groves, oak forests and garrigue, and to reach the small road which leads to the chapel de Croagnes, passing in front of the secret Sainte-Madeleine chapel, allowing a nun living on site to welcome visitors.

I also highly recommend a longer and more sporty hike to explore the Combe de Font Jouvale on foot and then come back overhanging the Madeleine cliff at Lioux (9 to 10km). Access can be done directly on foot from the Luberon Lub'heureux villa by crossing the hamlet of Bassacs and going north. You can also go by car to the hamlet "Les Cordiers" then follow the path on foot to the Croix de la Lave, above the descent into the valley. You will see rock shelters, porches and natural arches dug into the rock by erosion, majestic parades ... some of these places were inhabited during prehistoric times. The site is classified as a biological reserve, the fruit of the work of the riou Font Jouval who dug his bed in the southern slope of the Vaucluse mountains to emerge in the Calavon valley. The Madeleine cliff which overlooks the tiny village of Lioux is impressive: 7 kilometers long and 80m high. Bring hiking shoes, hat, glasses, sunscreen, water and provisions.

The lavender roads are right there, behind the Vaucluse Mountains that you see from the Luberon Lub'happy cottages!
By car, and especially in June and July when the lavender fields are in bloom, I recommend that you take the D115 from the hamlet of La Tuilière towards Sault, the capital of lavender. You will overlook the valley of Font Jouvale then the valley of La Sigalière and admire breathtaking panoramas, then arrive on the lavender plateau of the country of Sault. Breathtaking majestic landscapes, admirable views of Mont Ventoux, visit the town of Sault where you will find the oldest nougaterie in Vaucluse (founded in 1887) and can taste delicious artisanal honeys, nougats, calissons and old-fashioned marshmallows ... a delight! On your return, you can take the D230 road which descends to the village of Saint-Saturnin via the Col de la Liguière which rises to 998m.

Another day, don't forget to go for a peaceful stroll in the village of Joucas, located in the plain that links Gordes to Saint-Saturnin les Apt ...