L'Isle sur la Sorgue and Fontaine de Vaucluse

L'Isle sur la Sorgue and Fontaine de Vaucluse are two essential destinations for your stay in Provence.

How sweet it is to stroll along the quays of the Sorgue and benefit from its freshness in summer! Admire its paddle wheels and charming alleys, its numerous craft shops, its typical flat-bottomed boats known as the ""Nego Chin"", its café or restaurant terraces, and its Saint-Notre-Dame des Anges collegiate church, which mixes Gothic and Baroque styles. Visit the majestic Donadeï mansion housing the Campredon art center (Maison René Char), a cultural center presenting exhibitions by renowned artists every year. L'Isle sur la Sorgue is especially famous for its very numerous art galleries, second-hand dealers and antique dealers: more than 300! Each year, the International Antiques Art & You Fair takes place there, in April and August, which positions L'Isle sur la Sorgue in the International Golden Triangle of antiques trade alongside Paris and London!

If you are in Provence in July, do not miss the Corso Nautique de L'Isle sur le Sorgue! On the last Sunday evening of July, a parade of ten light floats mounted on boats, the "Nego Chin" parade on the Sorgue after nightfall, all decorated with magical and imaginary characters and decorations, including the Queen Corso and its runners-up.The next day, the last Monday evening in July, the parade resumes, and ends with an incredible battle of flowers and jousting on the Sorgue: a magical spectacle! If you are there on the Saturday morning before, you can see the characters parading through the streets of the city, in preview.

If you are in Provence in August, this is the floating market on the first Sunday in August that should not be missed. On board the "Nego Chin", the producers slide from one bank to the other at the public's request, and offer their local productions: fruits and vegetables, bouquets of flowers, cheese, wine, bread ... a real living picture , the producers being dressed in traditional clothes, and their boats in bloom. The rest of the year, the weekly market takes place on Sunday morning, and is very famous in the region.

A walk 1km further is definitely worth a look, at the watershed (where the river splits in two, transforming the town center of Isle sur la Sorgue into "little Venice of Provence" ( "Little Comtadine Venice"). A pleasant shaded poetic break!

The Sorgue is a river that has been celebrated by several artists, including François Pétrarque, René Char and Frédéric Mistral. It has its source at Fontaine de Vaucluse, where Petrarch stayed for a long time and where you will find his museum-library. This source is mysterious because no one has yet managed to reach the bottom of its chasm, more than 300 meters deep. It is the first source of France and among the most important on the world level, emergence of an immense underground network of drainage of rainwater from surrounding massifs, including Mont Ventoux, Montagne de Lure and the Vaucluse mountains. Visit the peaceful village, with its paddle wheels and high rocks. Canoe trips possible.