Gordes, the essential and emblematic hilltop village of Provence!

One of the most beautiful villages in France and one of the most visited too. Medieval village of the 11th century, perched on a rocky promontory facing the Luberon massif and allowing a magnificent panorama of the Luberon regional natural park. Stroll through its alleys and calades, peacefully enter its church, stroll letting yourself be soaked in the energy of old stones and the beauty of panoramic landscapes ...  Extend your visit by climbing to Senanque Abbey, 5km above: another must-see site of any stay in the Luberon. Religious building that you will see on all the postcards of the region, isolated in its peaceful rocky and tree-lined valley, with its field of lavender as a welcome forecourt. Wonderful!

My favorite point of view:

  • - - from the exterior alleyway in calade which descends after the church and which serves as a promontory near the terraces theater: view of the Luberon massif and its so beautifully hilly basin, and the impressive Lioux cliff which stands out towards the East
  • at the small roundabout at the foot of the village on the D2 from Avignon and Coustellet, turn right towards "Saint-Saturnin les Apt". You then go around the village of Gordes on the right until you come face to face with a striking view of the village.Then a succession of turns offering panoramic landscapes on the hilly hills of the Luberon, the profile of Roussillon in the distance and the cliff of the Madeleine at Lioux, as well as several majestic glances at the very edge of the road worthy of a small French Tuscany: pines, cypresses, roses, vines, almond trees, oaks ... pure wonder!
  • - in the climb to the village of Gordes (left from the small roundabout at the foot of the village): stop halfway up the platform signposted "point of view" on the right. A few parking spaces allow you to leave your car for a moment to admire the most beautiful view of the village
  • - the valley of senanque abbey

Things to do :

  • - Saint-Firmin church, Saint-Patron du village
  • - the medieval castle and its museum
  • - the cellars of the Palais Saint-Firmin - www.caves-saint-firmin.com
  • - the chapel of the white penitents
  • - the Saint-Jacques chaplaincy
  • - the village of Bories - www.levillagedesbories.com
  • - the stained glass museum and the Bouillons mill: https://www.1sitemagique.com/
  • - the festival "The summer evenings of Gordes"
  • - Senanque Abbey