Saint-Saturnin les Apt is a typical Provencal village backed by the southern flank of the Vaucluse mountains, which stretches from 217m to 1093m above sea level.

How good it is to walk in its alleys with colorful facades, and take advantage of the small producers' market on Tuesday! A walk easy to access for all, lasting approximately 1.5 hours, allows you to climb the hill where stood the medieval village of the 11th century to admire the magnificent panorama over the Luberon massif and the Apt basin , then descend along the old ramparts to the surprising dam directly overlooking the center of the village. Continuing the walk, you will walk through the garrigue and the pines to the windmill from where you will again enjoy a breathtaking view, before very easily reaching the bottom of the village.

The castrale chapel, which is also called "the castle", is a 11th century Romanesque chapel attached to a keep. You can enter its gardens and its Stations of the Cross.
From there, the panorama is breathtaking, and you will also find a panoramic table there.

Saint-Saturnin les Apt is a dynamic village which lives all year round at the service of its inhabitants, grouping together all the shops and useful amenities: butcher (delicious), bakeries, hairdresser, pharmacy, post office, ATM, mini-market, bar / café and its small square in the heart of the village, restaurants, hotels, retirement home, medical office, school, media center, press point, ... numerous hamlets in the plain or perched on the hills of our beautiful Luberon Provence. An essential village in the Luberon, where you have the opportunity to live and walk so well, even in winter!  Saint-Saturnin les Apt is reknowned for its numerous hiking paths. I particularly recommend stays under the blue sky in autumn or winter, in this village which remains alive all year round ... and definitely .... what light!


My favorite points of view:

  • view of the silhouette of the village hanging on the hillside from the road from Apt
  • panoramic table at the top of the hill, at the bottom of the Stations of the Cross garden in the castral chapel - breathtaking view of the Apt basin and the Luberon massif
  • panorama from the windmill, newly restored in 2019
  • the beautiful Mathéron fountain, next to the Church and the Town Hall, which you will find in the Luberon Lub'heureux logo!